About Sunpro homes

SunPro Homes - A SunPro energies initiative


Born from a SunPro Energies initiative, SunPro Homes aims to provide homeowners with simple and affordable clean energy.

We also believe that everyone should have a hassle free journey when adopting solar energy.

Through our designs and workmanship at SunPro Homes, we work to take care of the supplies, the procedures and installation at speed with no hidden costs.

Most importantly we are not here to sell, we are here to help.

Our efficiency and know-how will help you find a flexible solution that meets your needs.


Our founder Jason Law is an avid solar energy enthusiast and is one of the only few Singapore based resident Solar Trainers at SEAS (Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore).

Using solar energy to help you

Save on your bills and save the environment

We are with you every step of the way,

Accreditation, Friends & Partners

Drop us your details and we’ll be in touch shortly! Feeling shy? You can also email us directly @ info@sunproenergies.com.


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